Our recommendations in the area

  • Fish: De VisTafel, Groot Veerle 3,  Brecht

  • Meat: Slagerij Verstappen, Dorpsstraat 75,  Sint Lenaarts

  • Fruits and vegetables: 't Fruithuis, Desmedtstraat 76, Minderhout

  • Bread and pastries: Bakkerij Van Opstal- Van Boxtel, Vrijheid 154, Hoogstraten

  • Cheese: Caseïne, Vrijheid 60, Hoogstraten

Local Delicacies

Treat yourself to a sweet treat:

  • Het chocoladehuis, Vrijheid 63, Hoogstraten


Hoogstraten is known for its delicious strawberries. You can get the freshest strawberries directly from a local farmer, or from a vending machine. The closest strawberry machine can be found in the Postweg in Hoogstraten.


Homemade ice cream?

  • Het zoete Begijntje, Vrijheid 144, Hoogstraten

  • Bouwhoeve, Bouwhoef 2, 2323 Wortel

At 'De Bouwhoeve', there are trampolines and go-carts for the children to play. Adults can enjoy the farmer's golf.


Belgian Beers
  • Do you want have a taste yourself? You can find an extensive beer menu at Café de Rijkswacht, Vrijheid 167, Hoogstraten

  • If you would like to take some home, we recommend the Bierparadijs beverage trade, Wenenstraat 9, Meer


If you want to pamper yourself, visit 'Wellsi', Vrijheid 234 , Hoogstraten

A 5-minute walk from the house.


This beauty institute is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Hoogstraten. You will be spoiled by the friendly hostess Evelien.

Dinner time
  • Fritterie De Jachthoorn, Vrijheid 202, Hoogstraten
    Delicious belgian fries! Especially the meat and chicken skewers are great! (they come from butcher Verstappen)


  • SushiKing, Vrijheid 208, Hoogstraten 
    the place to be for sushi lovers and asian food. Also for take away


  • Oud Egypte, Lodewijk De Konincklaan 316, Hoogstraten
    the place to be for good shoarma. We often go there ourselves. The building, and the interiour might seem outdated, but the food is great, a lot, cheap and tasty! The owner is a very friendly man! You can also order to take away here.


  • Den Bottel, Vrijheid 162, Hoogstraten
    a top quality brasserie. Very friendly service and quality food. They have something for every taste and it won't ruin your budget.


  • De Chaupain, Vrijheid 203, Hoogstraten
    a sandwich shop on the Vrijheid. They sell the tastiest and cheapest sandwiches in Hoogstraten. You can also go there for a 'vol-au-vent', a lasagna or a luxurious breakfast. Everything is freshly prepared in the open kitchen.


  • De Pizzahoek, Gelmelstraat 80, Hoogstraten
    delivers quality pizzas to the house. Nice and easy.


  • Restaurant Noordland, Lodewijk De Konincklaan 276, Hoogstraten

  • If you really have something special to celebrate and look for the perfect stylish restaurant, have look at Restaurant Noordland