Usefull information

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With each rental we ask all our guests to fill in an address list. We ask for a copy of the identity card of at least 3 of our guests.

A deposit is to be paid. The amount of this is determined by the length of your stay (with a minimum of €600). This deposit is to be paid at check-in. On the day of the check-out, we will be happy to return this deposit to you, since we then know all went well. When you pay the deposit, and when we return it to you, everything will be put on paper, and signed, in twofold (one copy for us, one for you). On your request, we can send this document to you to review. We do this for both your, and our, peace of mind.

House rules

We want to make some agreements with you.

  • Do not smoke inside the house.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • The use of fireworks is prohibited.

  • The house is located in a residential area. Please, for the peace of our neighbours, keep the noise outside limited, do not leave trash on the street and do not park your car on the driveway of the neighbours.

  • The laundry machine and dryer can be used free of charge, but only for stays of at least 7 nights.

The property is located in the residential area. We ask that our neighbors be taken into account. (no noise, no waste left on the street, no cars to park in the driveway of our neighbors, etc.)

Thank you.

During your stay

General clean-up of the house, floors, sanitary areas and laundry of the bed sheets and towels is included in the rental fee. We ask of our guests to clean the kitchen area and do the dishes.

Please separate the waste: Glass in the provided plastic container, paper and carton in the yellow container, general waste in the grey container, Plastic/metal/drinking cartons in the blue bags, organic waste in the green container. This is very much appreciated!

It is not allowed to organize parties.

The cork floor (on the first and second floor) is slippery when wet. Please be mindful of this after taking a shower and when exiting the sauna.

Be careful on the roof terrace. The floor can be very slippery when wet. And certainly do not climb the railing!

When using the sauna, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Never put anything (like towels, etc… ) on the stove

  • Be careful not to poor too much water on the stove. Too much water at once will leak on the floor.

  • Use of  the sauna scents & oils. Only put a few drops in about 1/3th of a glass of water. A too high concentration could cause a flash flame upon contact with the hot stones.

  • Turn the stove off when not needed anymore. You could even turn it of when entering the sauna for the last session. The room will keep its heat for a long time.

At your service

You will also receive the WiFi code at check-in.


We provide for our guests:

  • beds made up

  • towels for everyone

  • showergel

  • shampoo

  • toilet paper

  • kitchen towels

  • liquid tablets for the dishwasher

  • coffee and tea.

Thank you for respecting this! And above all: enjoy your stay here!
Peter Nyssen & Nina Van Winckel